The Epidural Question

If you are pregnant, I'm sure you've thought about whether or not you would want an epidural during labor. Once your ever-growing bump gets to be quite a size, and it's evident that there IS definitely a baby in there that is going to have to come out somehow, you start to wonder how exactly you are gonna fit your baby's softball-sized head through your not-the-size-of-a-softball-sized-vagina. And how much is that gonna hurt?? Well gals, I will not lie to you, yes it does hurt. But it is nothing to be afraid of. You can do it. But that is another post, I'll have to put that on the list of my ideas for blog posts: How is my vagina gonna get as big as a softball? Stay tuned for that one. Back to the epidurals...So if the thought of pushing your baby out vaginally has you thinking that an epidural might not be so bad afterall, I only ask you to do your research. An epidural is not a decision to make flippantly. It is a drug, a narcotic and the drugs DO get to the baby and affect him. It also does so much more than that. Dr. Sarah Buckley is well-known for her advocacy of gentle natural birth, and she wrote a fabulous article on epidurals. She outlines what it is, how it has changed over the years and how it affects the physiology of the birth process. Read her article here: In the end, it is YOUR birth, YOUR choice. If you choose to get an epidural, you shouldn't feel bad, or that you failed in anyway. As long as you are making an informed choice about it, knowing the risks involved, no one can question your decision, even you.

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