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Postpartum Doula



Becoming a parent is such an exciting time but can cause anxiety too. The first hurdle that expectant parents have to face is the birth itself. Then you are home, with this little tiny person, often without any help. What do you do?


This is what a postpartum doula is for. We have been called 'the mother-in-law without judgement.' In other words, we do everything that a grandmother figure would do for the new family after their little one has arrived.

Generations ago, grandmothers and mothers used to stay and help when a new baby was born in the family. They cooked, cleaned, took care of the older children, and also imparted their wisdom and support to mom. Knowledge about how to soothe a gassy belly, how to tell if the baby was nursing enough, and even the answer to the question 'is this normal?' was passed on from one generation to the next. Now we live in a different society, often far away from family, or family is unable to help and new moms often feel alone and without a safety net when they bring their little bundle home. Postpartum doulas fill that gap. We are trained in basic baby care, breastfeeding counseling, and know what is normal and what might warrant a trip to the pediatrician.


Studies show that having a Postpartum Doula decreases the incidence of postpartum depression, unnecessary calls or visits to the pediatrician, and overall nervousness in new parents, Having a doula available in the first few weeks for instruction and support gives you confidence in the great adventure that you are about to embark upon--Parenthood!


Services can include:

  • Assistance and instruction with newborn care and soothing techniques

  • Introduction and guidance to establish a breastfeeding relationship

  • Taking care of older children

  • Help with meals

  • Light cleaning: tidying up the kitchen, doing dishes, wiping the bathrooms etc. No heavy cleaning like vacuuming, dusting, cleaning windows.

  • Doing a load or two of laundry

  • An ear to listen to mom's concerns and feelings, making sure mom's physical and emotional healing are moving forward.

My main purpose is to make things a bit easier for the parents during this adjustment.

We will discuss what your needs might be, and how I can help at our initial meeting.

I do not normally do multiple overnights visits, as I have a family myself. I am able to do one overnight visit per contract. If you prefer multiple overnight visits, I can refer you to someone who can provide this if that is what you need.

Daytime support:

Fee: $30/hr with a minimum of 3 hours a day for three days per contract

Families can purchase a week's worth, or two or more, of service. Or just a few days. A package may include three days of service a week, 3 hours each day, for one week or two or three. It all depends on the individual family's need.

Services can begin immediately postpartum. Our first visit can be when you get home from the hospital or birth center, a couple days after birth. I can also start when dad goes back to work. The number of visits and frequency is something we can work out according to your family's needs.

For most families , scheduling services a la carte, as I've explained above works best. These are families that just need a week or two of support, the days aren't set in stone until after the baby arrives and the first visit is very soon after you return home from the hospital, usually within the first week postpartum . 

For other families, a package deal may work better if they are in need of longer term support. Ideal for families that need 3 or more weeks of support. These days will be scheduled in advance. 

Packages available:

**A minimum of 2 weeks of support is required for these packages

Package 1:  3 days a week, 3 hours each day $250/week 

Package 2: 3 days a week, 4 hours each day $325/week 

Overnight support:

I am only able to provide one or two overnight support visits per contract. Multiple overnight visits per week do not work well with my family's schedule. We can work  together to figure out a night that would work well for both of us.

Fee: $200 for 8 hours Arrival at 10pm and depart at 6 am

Contact me and we can speak about the hours that would be most helpful for you.