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Meet Tori


My name is Tori Jennings. I live in Philadelphia PA. I am first and foremost a mom, but I love helping new families blossom into their new roles as parents.


I went to college for elementary education, but did not teach very long because we were starting our family at the same time and we decided it was best for me to stay home and be with our kids. Our first baby boy was born in 1998, and over the next fifteen years we had 4 more boys and one girl.

My philosophy on birth at the time of the birth of our first son was basically get an epidural and hope for the best. I had a vaginal delivery with an epidural with him, followed by an emergency cesarean with our second son. I was completely unaware of my options and didn't know that birth could be amazing. I did however think that there should be more to it than what I had experienced during my first two births. Something felt like it was missing but I wasn't sure what it was.

I went on to have another vaginal birth after my cesarean (VBAC) in a hospital with our third son. Not until our fourth baby boy was born, my first homebirth, and first birth without any pain medication, did I start to put together what I was missing.

My journey of becoming a doula began with this birth, but my empathy and understanding of mothers who want an epidural or a scheduled cesarean grew from all six of my birth experiences.

We went on to have another son at home in 2009, and miscarried an angel at 12w5d gestation in 2013.  A little more than a year later our daughter was born, also at home. Her birth, being my last, was an extremely empowering birth for me.  

I love birth, and I am in awe of the process and love helping moms and dads through labor and birth as a labor doula. The on-call schedule just does not go well with my family's needs at this time so I decided after my daughter's birth to stop attending births for awhile and focus on teaching and postpartum work.
 My passion for postpartum work is drawn from my belief that I think we are seriously lacking in support as new mothers during this critical time in our lives. Please read more about my postpartum services here.

My draw to teaching early in my life wasn't too far off the mark, I just was trained initially to teach the wrong demographic of society. I should be teaching pregnant couples not elementary school children. I thoroughly enjoy teaching expectant parents and helping them work toward the birth they desire.

Please contact me with any questions and to schedule services! I look forward to helping you on your family's journey!


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